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Cabled Headband

I wrote up this pattern the other night and thought I'd share it here so I can link it in Ravelry.
  • Cast on 84 stitches. I used Jeny's Stretchy slip knot cast on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n8E3I6Cg2k
  • Rows 1-2: k2p2 row 3: *c2f p2 repeat from *
  • Rows 4-5: k2P2 till end
  • Row 6: *c2f repeat from *
  • Row 7: k2p2 till end
  • Row 8: knit all
  • Then: K2p2 for 2.5 inches
  • Row 10: Knit all
  • Row 11: k2p2 till end
  • Row 12: *c2f repeat from *
  • Rows 13-14: k2p2
  • Row 15: *c2f P2 repeat from *
  • Rows 16-17: k2p2 till end
  • Bind off with Jeny's Surpisingly Stretchy Bindoff.

photo 4

Problems with Ebco's CINAHL???

I developed a webpage with tips for dealing with problems that CINAHL is having. I figured I would share it so that maybe it would help you and your patrons.

Also, if you have tips to share, I am all ears.

Tips for Dealing with CINAHL via Ebsco.

Looking for a job...

We're hiring a liaison for the College of Allied Health Sciences. They are a great group of people. I've really enjoyed working with them.


Wanna help me out?

Hey guys,

Could you do me a favor? Look at one or more of the tutorials, here.

I need you to look at it from your home computer (or if your office computer is all you have, that will do). Then, if you wouldn't mind, could you answer these questions.Collapse )

If you can do this for me, I will be so happy. I have heard from some of my users that these tutorials did not work right, and I have heard from others that they are perfect. I need more information. I'm not as worried about the content at this point.

Summary on Chat Reference

Here is my summary of the responses that I have received from both Med-lib and the MAC listserv. Before that, though, I thought I would write some of my findings from life and the literature.

First of all, I did not make a distinction in my questions between chat and IM. Chat would be the subscription type service ( e.g. QuestionPoint) that allows for co-browsing and page pushing, etc. IM is the free service that most people are familiar with (such as AIM, Jabber, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) There are a few different aggregators out there that will allow you to talk to people that use multiple types of IM. The two that I am most familiar with are GAIM and Trillian. A nice article that I found that discusses the differences between IM and chat is:

Houghton, S. & Schmidt, A. (2005). Web-based chat vs. instant messaging: Who wins?" Online, 29 (4), pp. 26-30.

I used to work at a library that had chat and they use the QuestionPoint Software and then switched to GAIM. From what I remember (I used to do the stats) we usually had < 20 questions a month come through chat, and we were on a consortium with 6 other libraries using QuestionPoint. All were academic health sciences libraries. That number was less with GAIM, but I only witnessed a couple of months using that software. It might have caught on by now.

From my experience, and from what I have read in the literature, there is a concern with using consortiums in chat reference. One article suggested that most librarians wouldn't feel comfortable routing their phones to libraries in other states, but allow libraries in other states answer their chat. While it's true that chat services are very expensive, and the cost can be reduced by entering into a collaborative group, it may not be the best approach to service. I only say this because in my experience, a lot of questions that came through chat had to do with proxies, check out times, etc. It's hard to remember all the policies for one or two libraries, let alone 7. Just my two cents.

I also hear that chat works best with undergraduates, and that it has problems such as people asking email reference questions and questions that require more complex answers. I think that people understand that they may not get a complete answer instantaneously, but still appreciate instantly knowing that they will be helped.

Now, for the responses I received…I would put them up here if I knew how to do a cut or was willing to learn, but I'm just too lazy to do that today with this horrible migraine, so email me if you want the full summary of responses, or you could tell me how to do a cut and I will post them here. Sorry I'm so lazy today. (Ok, I'm not, but I do feel kinda like I should be.)

and a question about library stuff

So, I've been reading tons of articles on Chat reference and I've gotten responses from two list-servs (which I will happily send on if you are interested) and now, I am feeling like asking you what your impressions and opinions are. So, here goes.

(Oh, and I'm not a paid member, so I can't do a poll and I don't know how terrible it would be to add ads to my page and be a plus member).

  1. Have you ever used Chat or IM services?

  2. What is your impression of chat/IM?

  3. Do you think that it is better suited to undergraduate libraries?

  4. Do you feel that it creates unreasonable expectations in users?

  5. Do you feel that chat/IM is a valuable service that adds to email and phone reference services?

  6. Do you wish I hadn't bored you with these questions?

  7. Thanks for reading!!! I am interested in what you guys have to say. I'll post some impressions that I've gotten from others later. I don't want to taint your responses.

Something fun from Deifire

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Open Access Journal for Library Sciences

In case your interested, this is an open access journal with evidence based information on library trends and practices. I think there may be a little emphasis on the health sciences, but many of the current articles looked relevant to public and other libraries as well.

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